Hello Geekz! For this review we have a great new site to review. The site is called, and it offers video and picture content with sexy babes in cosplay related fetishes. They dress up as comic book and anime characters, or they play a schoolgirl if you like. These hot babes do great teasing and stripping in the videos, with a little solo action near the end. This is great stuff, and not only for the cosplay lovers. The stuff here is fresh, and something new and interesting. The site looks really amazing, great design, the colors, the text and the logo go really well together. Really professional looking site. The navigation is easy as 1-2-3, and it works like a charm. No ads, spam messages or any kind of annoying stuff on the site. This is a really good looking site, with promising content. Let’s see what kinds of pros and cons it offers.

+ Pros

HD Videos
The videos on the site are in Full High Definition, which is 1080p. The image quality is amazing, the colors, the images are absolutely mind blowing. Really professional videos, with good looking cosplay girls in them doing great teasing.

Downloadable ZIP Picture Sets
Not many sites offer this useful feature, but luckily this site does. There are a lot of pictures in one photo set, so it is really useful. You just download the whole set, no need to save the pictures one by one.

Multiple downloadable Formats
If you like the video which you watched on the site, you can always download it in three different sizes, which are 1080, which is Full HD, mobile, which is best for portable devices like phones, and SD which is some kind of mp4 video. A great thing that you can choose from these formats. Not many sites offer this when you download a video.

Easy Navigation
As we mentioned in the intro part of our review, the navigation on this site, is really great and easy. You have your basic menu, which is great looking btw, you click on what you want to see, and that’s it. Everyone can use this site without a problem.

– Cons

Only a few Videos
Since this is a new site, we can’t expect from it to have tons of content, but there are only around 10 videos on the site, which is too small, even for a new site. Hopefully with time, they will have a lot of content on this great site.

Only one Picture Size
For some this can be a problem, because if you have only one picture size, it will not be compatible with all the displays. What we mean is, they will be not the same on a 24 inch monitor or on a 4 inch mobile phone. For us it was no big deal, but some other sites offer multiple picture sizes, so we count this as a con.

No information about the updates
This is probably the biggest con on the site. We don’t have any description or information about the updates. We don’t know how often the upload new content, or if they upload at all. A little info would be welcomed, we hope they will correct this deficiency in the near future.



Not that bad

We liked this site very much. It looks very professional, the design looks great, it is simple but good looking. The navigation is perfect, the content they have is really high quality. The videos come in full HD, while the pictures are just beautiful. Since this is a new site, it does not have a lot of content yet, but we hope it soon will have tons of videos and pictures. Overall, we recommend this site to everyone!

  • Design
  • Pictures
  • Videos
  • Quality
  • Exclusivity
  • Updates
  • Speed
  • Downloadable
  • Quantity
  • Price
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